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Urbanism Master

image This Master study program is highly recommended to those urban and territorial researchers really interested in the physical and spatial transformation of the contemporary city. One of our main concerns is to take into account equilibrated and non-excluding diverse social processes. The aim of this Master is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to face the elaboration and evaluation of all scale and sort of urban planning projects, projects that have in common the emphasis given to the design of their formal and structural physical space, without forgetting their behaviour in connection with economic and social processes to achieve a more comfortable and civilized urban space.
The displayed program recognizes the complexity of urbanism, without putting aside a permanent attention to economic, social and cultural matters inherent to any urban subject. The workflow specifically gives the tools to acquire an essential familiarity with certain understandings and manners intimately related to architecture, also keeping in mind the proposals’ articulation with the city and the territory, civil engineering, mobility and services’ networks and environmental sciences if related to spatial and temporary aspects of urbanization.

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